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Heroin Addiction – Five Myths

1: Most heroin addiction starts with a legitimate pain prescription. 2. The best treatment for heroin addiction is inpatient rehab. 3. Recovery from heroin addiction is rare. 4. Tough love is the only thing that works. 5. Whites have recently become the… Read More

Buprenorphine Treatment

Taking Buprenorphine (suboxone and other brands) is a successful treatment option for many people with opioid use disorder. This discussion focuses on medical (non- psychological/neurological) aspects. Kidney and liver disease is relevant to many… Read More

Congress Wakes Up To Opioid Crisis

This weeks post will be focused on new laws that are in the process of being put into place. Congress has finally taken time to address the issues of opioid dependence that has plagued the U.S.A. for years. These possible changes could not have come any… Read More

The Death of a Legend Comes as a Shock to All

The sad news of the death of singer and song writer Prince arrives at a critical time when our nation is struggling to come to grips with opioid addiction. Who knew that someone like Prince, a Jehova's witness who lived a disciplined life - would be addicted… Read More

The Suboxone Solution: Can medication-assisted treatment effectively curb the heroin epidemic and save lives?

In this article written by Joe Sonka, the evolution of treatment for opioid dependence is analyzed. Where most addiction treatment providers stick to an "abstinence-only 12-step model," others are transitioning to maintenance therapy of Buprenorphine/Naloxone. … Read More


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